Services provided by 55 steel is a full service of structural steel fabrication


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55 STEEL provides a full service of structural steel fabrication. We design, engineer, fabricate and install metal and steel structures for the Constructional, Wind Power Generation, Energy, Chemical, Industrial, Urban and Infrastructure industries. 55 STEEL is an LVS EN 1090-2+A1: 2018 registered company, giving our customers the assurance of consistent quality and service.

We perform a full-scope steel structures manufacturing from design and fabrication to delivery and installation within the time frames required by our customers. 55 STEEL excels in producing assemblies that require multiple metal fabricating operations and finishing. We produce various kinds of structural steel fabrications from construction steel supporting structures, industrial plants and production facilities, warehouses, hangars to elevator shafts and crops storage facilities - we can fabricate any structures required. Our customers receive a quality product delivered on time at a competitive price.

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55 STEEL render custom metalworking services: rolling and cutting, shearing and sawing, sandblasting, cleaning and grinding, degreasing, plating, finishing and painting, cold and hot-dip galvanization, turning and milling and laser cutting.

55 STEEL offers a wide range of metal processing services. Our production hall is equipped with professional facilities: painting and sandblasting chambers, metal processing and cutting machine tools. We produce metal components and parts with CNC turning and milling equipment. Most components for marine and automotive industries; wind-power equipment, engine and structural systems, transmission, suspension, hydraulic and structural systems. We manufacture parts from small quantities to large production runs, using a variety of materials including aluminium and stainless steel.

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55 STEEL performs highly professional and reliable welding works of various types. Our welding process strictly conforms to the Quality Management System LVS EN 1090-2+A1: 2018. Qualification of our welders is LVS EN ISO 9606-01 testified. Generally, we process welding works for structural steel fabrication and customized metal products.

We perform MIG, MAG, MMA and TIG-welding works for both private and public sectors. From custom non-standard metal products, steel supporting structures, elevators, shafts, crops, industrial sites to parapets, outdoor stairs, platforms, fences, gates and stair rails - 55 STEEL transforms metals into a particular shape. We provide careful hand-finishing to produce superior quality custom-fabricated stainless steel and metal products. We guarantee quality control and comprehensive project documentation in accordance with the standards.

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55 STEEL manufactures parts and products from a variety of materials including aluminum and stainless steel. All the steel and aluminium products, parts and equipment manufactured at our facility have the quality certificates and the CE mark in accordance with the EU standard LVS EN 1090-2+A1: 2018.

55 STEEL provides full-scope aluminium and steel welding and fabrication services. We provide quality TIG welding and MIG welding services, working with aluminium alloys, stainless steel and carbon steel. Our processing shop leverages the capability of laser cutting, pressing, machining and powder coating. We also machine aluminium components and stainless steel parts on our CNC mills and turning centres.The products manufactured at 55 STEEL are used in the Automotive industry, Shipbuilding industry, Construction industry, Rail transportation, Mining industry, as well as in the Machine Building and Power Engineering.

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